Bolt Thrower - Afterlife

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As you feel, your soul depart from this world
 Prepare for a journey, to regions of the unknown 

 Your life has now ended
 You fear the conclusion
 Cast into the dark realms
 Destined to the afterlife 

 As terror, grips your soul
 Direction is uncertain
 Fear clouds your mind
 Ignorance your burden 


 Within the dominion of the lifeless, you
 plead to die in
 Now despair for total forgiveness, trapped within your belief 

 You lived your life as a follower, bowing to every command
 Your gods shall never answer, imprisoned in this land 

 All is silent
 Held within
 Existing forever
 New life begins
 External desolation
 Your soul to give 

 Enslaved for all existence – perpetual endless torment
 Reality is now dormant – within the afterlife