Текст песни Boyfriend - Alarm

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The alarm rings in my ears and I wake you up
When I space out, tears form and I lower my head.
I pledge to stop thinking about it
the alarm rings again, my heart must really be broken.
I can’t pretend everything is fine,
I can’t even forget at my own will.

I was serious and you didn’t acknowledge it.
You were cold until the very end and heartlessly left me.
I should be leading a better life at least to show you
why why why is it so hard, why am i still like this.

I tried meeting other people, but
before I know it the alarm is ringing again.
My world has stopped.
I can’t find new love, living alone…I can’t do at my own will.

No matter how much I think of you,
you won’t even know.
Stupid, stop already and wake up.
Even if i stand behind you,
you’ll only look ahead.
Why why why am I tied to the past and still like this.

Our love is like a burnt out match that can’t be lit again.
I know this, yet I’m drawing up your face, even before I realize I am.
I sigh and think it’ll get better. It’s painful, but slowly it will.
Our memories, amazing coincidence, will all become insignificant

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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