Текст песни Blutengel - Addicted To The Night

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She'd never thought when she woke up
That her forbidden dreams come true
She was flying through the night
A lust for blood a daemon smile

And then she looks into the mirror
But she can't see her face
Inside she feels a hunger
So she goes hunting for some blood

She looks into the mirror
But she don't understand
Inside she feels a hunger
Will she ever be satisfied?

And the world is standing still
when she wants it when she prays
for the night to come
to take her away, to fulfill her darkest dreams

She's not an angel but she wants to fly
On broken wings....
She's longing for silence,
She's longing for justice
She's addicted to the night

" I dive into the mirror....
Hunt on the other side
I'm running through the darkness
Leave all my memories behind....
I'm looking through the mirror
Now from a different world
I'm on the run, I catch the realness
Will I ever be satisfied? "

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